21.1.2019 rebirthday

When I was 12, inspired by the older children at school that were making a school newspaper, I decided to make one of my own. I called “her” Margarita. It means daisy in greek.

It incorporated a variety of topics that excited the 12year old me back then, illustrated in 11 pages and distributed to the school with the help of my sister.

After a lot of searching of things inspiring, and a lot of exploration here and there, I thought why not do it again? With the available tools now, and the excitement of the 12 year old child, let’s see what comes out of it

I still remember the actual pages that had been created back then, with pens and papers, containing riddles, a coloring page, fun facts, and some knowledge pages, it was all very fun! I had even set up a small contest where kids could send their contribution to earn a little present! So the memory of this will be the fuel to explore this experiment from anew

It is a work in progress and it will be expanded everyday with more texts, images, and inspirations.

Looking forward to this experiment.