Performance Kokkenet in Copenhagen 2018 (Becoming a member of a performance or theater Collective is a great way to enhance your communication skills! )

Human Communication has been quite an issue in everyday life, and I have been trying to find different means and ways to understand and be understood, by my fellow human beings.

Embracing this challenge I have attended different workshops, a whole new universe of possibilities has opened in front of me of ways to communicate and be together, of different shapes and settings.

I am going to share some of these tools here, and maybe something resonates with you and you want to try it out. The different ways do have a lot in common, like sitting in a circle and focusing on the present moment, it seems pretty much as a way of meditation and also few distinct characteristics that make them more relevant for different themes to communicate, and different context. All are great interpersonal skills to have also in the professional life.

There are plenty of resources, and the links that are presented here, are only a few of the available possibilities that are being offered. One can look into their local community and find relevant groups that offer these practices. They are perfect for bonding, and also healing, even though they are not meant as group therapy, the result can be healing, as they do improve how we communicate about ourselves and in our communities.

Few of these practices can resemble Zen meditation practices, of mindfulness and witnessing, sensations, thoughts and emotions, or even from Gestalt psychotherapy, but they are not meant as therapy, neither as a spiritual practice.

The experience depends a lot on who is the facilitator or space holder, and off course how do you feel on that day, what is your intention attending such a gathering. How can you get the most out of it?

So here is the list of practices:

Circling is wonderful, is one of my favorites, as it is like a group meditation – improvisation. You never know what is going to happen. The space was held wonderfully when I was a participant, and I felt a great sense of space of loving acceptance.

Radical Honesty is a circle where the facilitator guides through some simple exercises as a warm up to engage the participants in honest sharing of the moment as it is, focusing on truth and sensations.

Restorative circles can have different sub themes, and can also refer to restorative justice. Creating a safe space for people to reflect. It has a more analytical modality, compared to the above two that are focusing more in the moment and on the body sensations. Here is an example of how to use restorative circles in schools and education.

Betzavta training can be used to build community, and create intercultural dialogue between citizens, and challenge oneself for their own core beliefs about the society and the self, through interactive games and discourse.

Non Violent Communication provides a way of expressing the needs of oneself and understanding when other people express their needs, through a delicate use of language. There are a lot of workshops worldwide. It provides a vocabulary and a way to listen through the words being used, and get to the need that is being expressed.

Deep Listening Dadirri Judy Atkinson explains about Dadirri in this Ted Talk. It is also being used as a research methodology. Read more here.

Women Circles, find your local Red Tent circle and reconnect to your female nature attuned to the cycles of earth and more in a loving accepting environment of ceremony and sharing.

Men Circles, are also available, to bring back men together to share and be vulnerable with each other and be held and honest.

Re-evaluation_Counseling is another type of circling and sharing, allowing vulnerability and truth.

Active Listening is a skill practiced during one to one sessions, or in a group. It is a way of fully offering oneself to the being expressing, as the space to express one’s truth of the moment, either by words emotions or silence, with no judgment, and being fully present and available. It is a component of most of the above and it is absolutely transformative to be witnessed in this way.