Life – centered Design and other interesting things

Prasad Boradkar, describes it very well in his article about how anthropocentric design is nowadays (not everywhere, but mostly) and I share exactly the same concern on how design should be life-centered and also design should be social. It is nice that someone has already expressed this concern, and I’m not alone in this!

If we refresh the paradigm of anthropocentric thinking and human-centered design to biocentric thinking and life-centered design, our solutions might start exhibiting a sense of care that extends beyond people. Of course, sustainable design, green design, ecodesign, and other similar practices do address issues of the environment. However, what I am suggesting here is an essential expansion and unambiguous reframing of whom we identify as the target user. Can our target user include all living beings?” Thank you! Prasad Boradkar

Further in the article it says about biomimicry, and Innovation Inspired by Nature, that is a course I have also taken part in. I would like to stay focused though , not on how to mimic nature for solutions to our problems only but expand our concern to life as a whole, and care for the whole eco system and see it for what it is. Or see, that without nature, we wouldn’t be here at all, to argue about that. Therefore Design needs to become Life Centered, to encompass all life, and not just human life. It just cannot survive the other way round. Human is not more important than any other life, and it is simply inter-depended with everything that exists, and the changes we see everyday, is a proof of that. It is a matter of survival, but also of quality of life.

Some countries have well understood that and are working pro-life, like Boliviaby investing in local food farmers, while others seem to work against life,like this one here. How can they not see that they are working against themselves.

I cannot offer more examples in this moment, but I am happy that some people have started to realize the importance of design to become Life – Centered and not Human – centered, or user -centered. Who is the user anyway? How can there be a user, without its habitat? It is about time to broaden our view and see the big picture!