Well, most of the things shared in this “blog” are indeed very transformative, if one dives in, allows, and engage completely. I have already shared lots of interesting tools, and things I came across through my own personal experience, and will share even more about this Transformative journey, paying attention to in between stops, or stations along the way. This journey started, few years back in a “free movement class” in a community space in Copenhagen, from a student of the Psychomotorik education, and was “established” later in Berlin, in 3 month circle of “Transformative Dance” with Hadas Fisher-Oren who indeed transformed my life and I am forever grateful, for becoming aware of this dimension. She keeps hosting workshops in Berlin for those who want to try, and also to become space holders.

Another important step in this journey was Dervish In Progress with Ziya Azazi, and Body Listening with Joe Tornabene.

Butoh, has been a very loyal, honest, and deep revealing companion along the way.