Voice is a very intimate, fully alive, strong and vulnerable, representation, of how you are within yourself and yourself at the same time. It cannot be described with words, and it deserves to be explored and honored as a raw, genuine reflection or projection, vibration of your being.

Everybody can sing!

Don’t think you have to be a professional in order to sing from your heart!

Don’t let any limiting belief hold you back from singing!

Also it doesn’t have to be about singing.

I would like to start a project which is about the voice, as it is. Without trying to change it to sound beautiful, but allowing it to be as it emerges from the spring of your being.

There are many ways to do this. One is to have a place, where anyone can upload a short recording, of their voice, saying something sweet, and simple, everyday messages of 1 min, or so, as you would talk to a loved one. And then anyone could go online, and listen to these messages, although they are intimate, they are not “personal” and when you may be feeling alone, you could listen to someone and help your heart feel warm.

Another way it is a vocal improvisation, residence, or camp, where people who are interested in the voice can come together in a safe space, explore the voice, and be together for a few days, and learn from each other. The only rule is that you allow the voice to lead you, and not the other way around. So the facilitator is the voice itself.

In my own exploring vocal journey I have come through different stages, lot of self judgment, and criticism, but also lot of allowing, and surprise and wonder! Lot of emotional release and sharing, and strengthening, and beautiful meetings.

And I need to Thank the people who opened the way to meet my own voice, and also my self, who allowed to go beyond the resistance.

Let us meet in the voice, in a non personal, non judgmental space, by listening to each other, not in competition but in beauty!

If you want to find a voice retreat, or some inspiration from people who use their voice in a special and intuitive way have a look at the following links.

Vocal Odyssey with Nessi Gomes, Roy Hart Theater practitioners,

Tanya Tagaq, Senyawa, Sainkho Namtchylak, Netanel Goldberg.

Transformative Work

I also feel to share the work of Ziya Azazi, who is not focused to the voice directly, but there is a transformation happening, through his workshops that are called Dervish In Progress, when the voice does get freed along with whatever longs to be free, while spinning on spot 😉 Sufi whirling, definitely recommended.