Great Books

“Today I am calling you once, and I shall be calling again, after my death. This call of mine shall be an everlasting call; it will be heard through centuries and through generations. I am calling all the women of the world to come back Home. Home of divinity and dignity, so that this Earth can live in peace; otherwise it will become a cinder and there shall be no human race. Neurotic men will wage atomic war and nothing shall be left. The only saving factor which there can be is a dignified divine woman, and that has to be created all around. . . I am calling today to all women of this planet earth to return to their real essence, a dignified and divine real self. I am calling upon the real self. I am calling upon them to rise when everyone else sleeps . . .I am calling them to . . . do anything and everything within their reach so they can become once more that magnetic field which attracts righteousness, goodness, kindness, and all-told positive human values. That is what you have to be.”
— Yogi Bhajan July 19, 1978

A series of great books coming my way: